Продукція компанії DEUTZ

(RU) TCD 914 L6 M


Air-cooled 6-cylinder engine for auxiliary drives with turbocharging and charge-air cooling. 
Due to the air cooling, the integration of the engine into the classic engine-cool- ing version of marine engines is omitted. Installation of the unit onto the deck is possible. 
The very compact engine design and the flexibility of the positioning of the unit reduce the installation costs. 
Low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and long life reduce the running costs. 
DEUTZ marine engines are developed especially for the requirements of marine applications and meet the requirements of the classification societies. Type Approvals of the IACS classes1) and other classes are available on re- quest. 
The robust engine design allows worldwide operation even with high sulphur fuels.

  • Кількість циліндрів
    (RU) 6
  • Діаметр циліндрів
    (RU) 102 мм
  • Хід поршня
    (RU) 125 мм
  • Обсяг
    (RU) 6.1 л
  • Propulsion engines LG A
    (RU) 120 кВт
  • Питома витрата палива
    (RU) 200 г/кВтч
  • Довжина
    (RU) 1090 мм
  • Ширина
    (RU) 965 мм
  • Висота
    (RU) 1048 мм
  • Вага
    (RU) 570 кг
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