Продукція компанії DEUTZ

(RU) TCD 2013 L6 4V


Watercooled 6-cylinder inline engine with turbocharging and charge air cooling. 
The powerful DEUTZ Common Rail (DCR®) injection system and the electronic engine control (EMR 4) with intelligent link to the drive management ensure optimum engine performance at low fuel consumption. 
Wet cylinder liners, long oil change intervals and easy changing of the engine fluids reduce the running costs and increase the availability of the machinery. 
Low noise emissions due to acoustically optimized components with very smooth running and high durability. 
Easy, inexpensive installation due to minimum weight and small installation space. 
Air filter and cooling system are fully pre-assembled. Best cold starting performance even under extreme conditions. 
The TCD 2013 meets the requirements of EU Stage IIIA.

  • Норма викидів
    (RU) EU IIIA, US T3
  • Кількість циліндрів
    (RU) 6
  • Діаметр циліндрів
    (RU) 108 мм
  • Хід поршня
    (RU) 130 мм
  • Обсяг
    (RU) 7.2 л
  • Typical generator power at 50 Hz
    (RU) 1500 об/мин
  • Typical generator power (COP)
    (RU) 226 кВт
  • Typical generator power (PRP)
    (RU) 238 кВт
  • Typical generator power (LTP)
    (RU) 251 кВт
  • Typical generator power at 60 Hz
    (RU) 1800 об/мин
  • Typical generator power (COP)
    (RU) 234 кВт
  • Typical generator power (PRP)
    (RU) 248 кВт
  • Typical generator power (LTP)
    (RU) 260 кВт
  • Довжина
    (RU) 1865 мм
  • Ширина
    (RU) 1046 мм
  • Висота
    (RU) 1322 мм
  • Вага
    (RU) 870 кг
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