Продукція компанії DEUTZ

(RU) BF 4 L 2011


Oil-cooled 4-cylinder aspirated engine in inline construction with integrated cooling system. 
4-cylinder also with turbocharging. 
Direct injection with single injection pumps and optional electronic governor. 
Low fuel consumption due to optimised combustion. 
Long oil change intervals of up to 1000 hours. 
Minimised running costs due to low maintenance need and little wear. 
High reliability combined with durability. No corrosion or cavitation due to oil cooling and lubrication. 
A very good load response ensures an immediate power supply.

  • Норма викидів
    (RU) EU II, US T2
  • Кількість циліндрів
    (RU) 4
  • Діаметр циліндрів
    (RU) 94 мм
  • Хід поршня
    (RU) 112 мм
  • Обсяг
    (RU) 3.1 л
  • Typical generator power at 50 Hz
    (RU) 1500 об/мин
  • Typical generator power (COP)
    (RU) 35 кВт
  • Typical generator power (PRP)
    (RU) 37 кВт
  • Typical generator power (LTP)
    (RU) 38 кВт
  • Typical generator power at 60 Hz
    (RU) 1800 об/мин
  • Typical generator power (COP)
    (RU) 41 кВт
  • Typical generator power (PRP)
    (RU) 44 кВт
  • Typical generator power (LTP)
    (RU) 46 кВт
  • Довжина
    (RU) 778 мм
  • Ширина
    (RU) 531 мм
  • Висота
    (RU) 704 мм
  • Вага
    (RU) 295 кг
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