Продукция компании DEUTZ

TCD 2.9 L4

Water-cooled 4-cylinder inline engine with cooled, external exhaust gas recirculation with and without turbocharging and optionally with and without charge air cooling. 
The powerful Common Rail injection system and highly-efficient combustion process with cooled external exhaust gas recirculation ensure optimum engine performance at low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 
The DVERT®oxidation catalyst for EU Stage IIIB and US EPA Tier 4 enables maintenance-free operation under all application and ambient conditions. A DVERT® particulate filter (DPF) is available as an option. With the introduction of EU Stage V, DPF will be available for all engine types. Through the use of the diesel particulate filter, the engines already comply with the EU Stage V emissions standard expected from 2019*. 
For ease of machine installation engine foot print and all major installation interfaces will stay unchanged for Stage V. 
Up to 1000 h oil change intervals and a maintenance-free valve train result in low maintenance costs and increased machine availability. 
The extremely compact engine design and customer friendly accessories reduce the installation costs and increase the number of applications. 
100% power take-off at flywheel and front end and additional side PTO drive with up to 120 Nm for the mounting of up to two hydraulic pumps. 
A variant without EAT is optionally available for EU Stage III A, US EPA Tier 4i and for less regulated markets. 
New High Power engine version to extend the 2.9 platform to 100 hp. 
New High Torque engine version for extraordinary strong performance below 56 kW.

  • Норма выбросов
    EU V, US T4f, EU IIIB
  • Серия
    TCD 2.2/2.9
  • Количество цилиндров
  • Диаметр цилиндров
    92 мм
  • Ход поршня
    110 мм
  • Объем
    2.9 л
  • Максимальная номинальная частота вращения
    2600 об/мин
  • Мощность
    55.4 кВт
  • при числе оборотов
    2600 об/мин
  • Максимальный крутящий момент
    300 Нм
  • при числе оборотов
    1600 об/мин
  • Минимальное число оборотов холостого хода
    900 об/мин
  • Удельный расход топлива
    210 г/кВтч
  • Длина
    648 мм
  • Ширина
    560 мм
  • Высота
    685 мм
  • Вес
    237 кг
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