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Starter and alternator

The main function of  a starter is to initiate the engine´s operation by rotating the flywheel.

High quality, durable starter motors are essential for a high reliability of your DEUTZ engine. For this reason, DEUTZ starters are designed and rigorously tested to ensure each one can start a minimum of 30.000 times and in a wide range of temperatures between – 33 °C and 135 °C. A high dust and water protection class ensures optimum functioning even under toughest conditions, while brushes with optimized wear properties allow for long life time. The perfect start for your engine!

Product features

  • Excellent cold crank capability and high power output
  • High dust and water protection class
  • High reliability and long lifetime
  • Xchange part available 

To ensure a long lifetime and keep operating costs down, DEUTZ alternators are made using high quality internal components, including low-wear brushes and bearings. Each of our alternators is designed and rigorously tested to meet severe requirements when it comes to climate, dust and vibration – to provide a stable power supply under all conditions.

Product features

  • High efficiency
  • Excellent and stable power supply under all operation conditions
  • High reliability and long life
  • Xchange part available
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