About Deutz:

The German company DEUTZ AG (Deutz) is one of the largest independent manufacturers of diesel engines for mobile and agricultural machinery, vehicles, diesel and gas generators. DEUTZ is a leading developer of environmentally friendly and at the same time extremely efficient diesel engines.

For more than 150 years DEUTZ engines have been distinguished for their quality, reliability and dependability. These traditional components of the DEUTZ brand, in combination with modern technologies, provide high power density, high torque and optimum specific weight of the engines, as well as their ability for operation in various conditions. No matter how high the requirements are, one thing is clear – the DEUTZ brand is the global value in the production of diesel engines.

Our positioning:

  • The oldest German manufacturer of diesel engines
  • Product range from 10 to 620 kW
  • eDEUTZ: electric and hybrid drivetrains up to 100 kW
  • Individual configuration of each engine from the hundreds of options
  • Engines for all applications
  • Engines for diesel generators and gas generators
  • Cooling system: air, oil and water
  • High efficiency at low operating costs
  • Competent technical support and fast service 24/7
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