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DEUTZ Xchange engines and spare parts

Professionally refurbished engines and components are a the fast, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to buying a new engine.
DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts offer optimum functionality and safety:

  • All Xchange products are processed according to strict quality standards and are thoroughly tested regarding part quality, fit and function.
  • The result are reconditioned parts and engines that are equivalent to their new counterparts in all aspects – even if serial production was discontinued years ago. 
  • The benefits of DEUTZ Xchange
    ✓ All wear parts replaced with DEUTZ original new parts.
    ✓ All components are brought up to the latest technical
    stage of development.
    ✓ Quality and warranty equivalent to new DEUTZ products.
    DEUTZ Xchange – the fast and economical alternative


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