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DEUTZ secures long-term funding

  • New syndicated bank loan
  • Loan from the European Investment Bank
  • Interest expenses will reduce further


DEUTZ has today replaced its existing funding arrangements with a new syndicated loan. The
working capital facility totalling €160 million is being provided by a syndicate of German banks. This
credit line is unsecured and runs until June 2017.


In addition, DEUTZ has received a low-interest loan amounting to €90 million from the European
Investment Bank. This loan, which is also unsecured, is repayable over a period of eight years with
a grace period of two years. DEUTZ has hedged the interest-rate risk arising from this loan.


"This syndicated loan and the loan from the European Investment Bank have enabled us to secure
long-term funding for our projects and further growth. The stronger position in which the Company
now finds itself has allowed us to further reduce our interest expenses for the next years and to significantly widen the range of options available to us", commented Dr Margarete Haase, the DEUTZ Board of Management member responsible for finance, human resources and investor relations.


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