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About us

DP "Automotors" represents already many years the interests of DEUTZ AG in Ukraine. Since 1994, highly qualified representatives are working on the Ukrainian market of engines. The corporative history demonstrates that the main “growth condition” of our company was always the growth of our partners. That’s why the basic part of our philosophy was the partner’s relations. 

DP Automotors considers trust, reliability and solid economic practices the central values that make our success on the Ukrainian market. We maintain and expand the competitive ability of the Company by focusing on our core competencies and continually improving our corporate processes. The basis for this is our performance structure, willing to implement the innovative ideas, flexibility in solving the problems and looking for the ways in solving such questions and professional skills and practices. 
Motivated staff of the representative office, that has passed an intensive training, will assist you in solving any problems related to our products. And opening the New Service Center and a huge spare parts warehouse in Bucha with total area of 1,735 m2 will allow us not only to fulfill the troubleshooting and warranty repairs, but also to supply timely and quickly the spare parts for DEUTZ engines. 

Satisfaction and loyalty of our customers - that's what we want!

DEUTZ secures long-term funding



Генеральное представительство 
Deutz AG в Украине

ДП «Автомоторс»

04050 Киев
ул. Мельникова 12-А, офис 1,

Общий: (044) 206-52-18/19
Продажи: (044) 206-52-20, 206-52-28
Факс: (044) 206-52-26


Официальный сервисный центр
Deutz AG в Украине

г.Буча, Киевская обл.
пер. Железнодорожный, 1

Общий: (045) 97-97-562, (+38 067) 401-47-97
Запасти Deutz: (045) 97-96-511
Сервис / ремонт: (045) 97-98-132, (+38 067) 409-32-92
Бухгалтерия: (045) 97-98-192
Факс: (045) 97-78-784


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